What To Expect

At St. Giles, we currently offer two Sunday services – Our 8:30 service is a 30 minute service of Holy Communion which includes scripture, a hymn, prayer, a homily, Communion and offering.

Our worship service reflects our commitment to be open to all God’s children. Our typical service combines contemporary and traditional elements to create a meaningful worship experience for young and old.

Our nursery is staffed by trained attendants during all of our services. Available for newborns thru 2 years old (8:30 am until 11:15 am).

Our 10:00 service lasts approximately one hour and begins with announcements followed by praise music and an opening prayer. The congregation then sings a response to the prayer as shown in the sample bulletin. There is then a “Call to Worship” where the liturgist is followed by a response from the congregation.

This is then followed by a period where our Pastor calls the children to the front of the church for a short sermon followed by a prayer, after which the children are invited to go to Sunday School.

A Hymn of Praise follows with a Call to Confession and Prayer of Approach and Confession led by the liturgist. Our pastor then gives the Assurance of Pardon followed by The Gloria Patri.

At this time, we offer the “Prayers of the People” with a Silent Prayer followed by an Anthem from the choir. Scripture reading leads us into the Sermon and final hymn.

We close the service with “Gifts of the People” and The Doxology. The Pastor leads the Benediction and the congregation sings “Go Now In Peace” to close out the Sunday service.

We celebrate The Lord’s Supper during worship on the first Sunday of every month and intentionally invite everyone present to share the elements of bread and juice, which represent the sacrifice Jesus made for all the world.

See a copy of a sample “Order of Worship” for our 10:00 Service here.

“We only call you a visitor the first time, After that we call you family.”

Roger Andrews, Elder and Church Member