Shelby-Next is our online portal for church members, which provides you with secure access to the church directory, your personal contribution history, and the ability to view events on the church calendar. The Shelby-Next Portal also allows you to update your information and connect with other members. The Shelby-Next Portal is accessible EXCLUSIVELY by church members who have set up log-in and password information with our Shelby-Next User Group.  This data is highly encrypted, and your data is secure. 


Shelby-Next gives us the ability to communicate better within our church environment.  If you are the head of a Session Committee, you will be designated as such within the S-N environment and have the ability to email and text your group directly from your phone app, tablet or computer. As the head of a Committee, you also have the responsibility of letting the Super-Users know when you have an event that needs announcing to the larger church membership. The Super-User will add your event to the S-N calendar and will send out text reminders and email announcements prior to the event. Below you will see the Super-User assigned to your group. Contact them when you need an event added to the calendar.  The Super-Users have a number of parameters that they take into consideration when sending out a communication to the church.  These “Best Practices” are shown in the FAQ section below.

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1. I’m new to the church.  How do I get a Shelby-Next login and password? Tim Wilson will automatically add your name to the Shelby-Next Directory when you “visit” our church.  If you are joining our church, he will contact you to provide you with a User Name and Password.

2. OK, I’ve got a User Name and Password – how do I get into Shelby-Next?  You can access Shelby-Next in a couple of ways – you can log in from the link above on your computer and “bookmark” it to return to it anytime.  Or you can download the “APP” on your phone or tablet and log-in from there.

3. Who can send Mass Communications with Shelby-Next? Mass Communication email can be sent only by Authorized Senders. (This does not pertain to individual communications between members.) Authorized Senders include:

  • Shelby-Next Superusers
  • Committee Chair to their Committee
  • Any other person designated by the Communications /Shelby-Next SubCommittee.

4. I’m a group/session leader – the listings on my phone changed when I was changed to a group leader in Shelby-Next.  How do I get back into the directory?  Your Directory Listings will show up under the “People” section.  The groups that you will be able to send “mass” emails to will be listed under the Groups Section. Example shown opposite.

5. I would like to send something out to the entire church membership. Is there a protocol for the types of messages that can be sent via Mass Email? Shelby-Next is not Social Media. Messages are communication with a specific purpose related to the work and worship of St. Giles.  It must involve St. Giles ministries and/or take place at St. Giles.

For example:

    • Announcements and reminders about Fellowship Events, Worship Services, Bible Studies, and Committee Meetings
    • Memorial Services
    • Presbytery Meeting to be held at St. Giles

Messages and subject matter that are inappropriate include messages which do not meet the criteria noted.

For example:

    • Announcement about a Community event not related or taking place at St. Giles
    • Anything personal either from an individual or about an individual, such as a “Thank you for …” or a Prayer Request (which could violate HIPPA laws)
    • Anything of a political nature, controversial nature, or in questionable taste

6. Why do I get Shelby-Next texts in the middle of the night or really early in the morning? The short answer is: You shouldn’t. S-N texts are not ordinarily sent before 8AM or after 5PM.  Is it possible that you are receiving these alerts when you turn on your phone? While it is certainly possible that the Super-Users may have accidentally sent a message before or after the designated hours, we make every effort to stay within the designated time frame. Rarely, an emergency email or text may be sent out other than during the normal hours.

7. I am logging into Shelby-Next on my APP with my User Name and Password and still can’t get in.  What is wrong?  This could be due to a number of things.  First, you must be sure that you have ALL your login information correct, which means you MUST have the domain field filled in – in addition to your login and password.  To fill that in, place your curser over the word “domain” in the top line and type in “stgiles” – without the quotes.  There is no period after the “st” in “stgiles” – all lower case.  Then input your user name and password.  (Remember your user name has a “.” between the first and last name. If you forgot your password, you can click on the “Forget password?” line under your login info in order to reset it.  If, after taking these steps, you are still unable to get into your Shelby-Next account, you will need to contact one of the Super-Users listed above

8. How Can I Print Out My Givings?  You can see all of your givings on your Phone APP, but you cannot print them out from there.  You must go to Shelby-Next online.  You can always return to this page and click on the link above or at the top of this page (and then save it as a “bookmark” if you want to go directly there in the future). For illustrated step-by-step instructions, see LINK at the bottom of this section.

  • When you arrive on that page and log-in, you will be taken to a “Welcome Page” where you will select a box that says “My Info”.  On the list on the left hand side of that page (or a tab at the top), you will then select “My Giving” or “Giving”.  
  • When that page opens, click on the down arrow for “Statement” shown above to download/print your document.   You will get a pop-up screen so you can select a data range to print.
  • You will be given a choice as to the time frame that you want to download.  Once selected, you may either choose to download a PDF document directly to your computer or have the PDF document sent to your email.  An illustrated step by step process can be viewed by clicking on the link directly below.


9. Isn’t Shelby-Next set up so that I can use it to automatically pay my regular weekly offering?  Can I use it to pay for anything else at the church, like flowers or special events?  YES!  We are working on the Phone APP to get it up to speed, but you can use our website to have Shelby-Next process any payment to church.  You just need to visit our GIVING PAGE and follow the prompts.  You can set up a one-time offering or payment or a recurring payment.  We are currently updating it to include all payments for any events in the future. Some of the payment types we are currently working on include: Fellowshp Events, Church Flowers, Payments “in honor of” families that have lost a loved one, Good Samaritan Fund, etc.  We will keep you posted as these things are added. In the meantime, you can visit our GIVING PAGE at any time to make your regular offering payment.  And you can rest assured that your payment information is secure through Shelby-Next’s highly encrypted portal.