4 thoughts on “Do Not Fret – It Leads Only to Evil

  1. Mark Pettigrew says:

    I’m so pleased regarding this website. I now can once again enjoy St Giles!
    Imoved to Melbourne before Pastor Jake’s arrival. I found out about Ann Jensen’s illness, just after leaving North Florida. I miss the congregation. I miss Ann; Pastor Jake’s reference to Ann is “spot on” – a wonderful & lively spirit!
    I wish all of you well!❤️

  2. Roger Andrews says:

    A big thank you to the St. Giles IT Tecnology Committee. You did a terrific job. It is so up to date and easy to maneuver through. You have presented everything you need to know about our church . Now I am telling everyone to come see it.

  3. Roger Andrews says:

    We are very proud of our new Pastor Jake young. He is doing a great job. We invite everyone to come and here him. We only call you a visitor the first tme, After that we call you family.

  4. Kathy Ebener says:

    I regularly find that Pastor Jakes’ sermons inspire me and lead me to a few changes in perspective. Very helpful. Plus his stories help me remember the major points he is trying to tell us.

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