New Website Launch

Welcome to our new website!  The Technology Team is pretty excited about launching our new website.  Here are some of the reasons why…

You can get all of your news and information about what’s going on at church in one place.  Our new website is intended to be a “living, breathing” interactive site that will grow along with our church.  Take a look around.  The home page is a virtual capsule of everything to be found on the website – you can see everything you need to know at a glance – a listing of Photo Galleries, a quick synopsis of upcoming events, the most recent sermons and the latest news – all without leaving the home page. You can click on any of those visual blocks on the home page to get more details, or you can click on any of the menu items – many of which we’ve never had on our website before.

For instance, the second tab is “Sermons”.  Here, you’ll find ALL of our sermons.  So, if you miss a Sunday, you’ll be able to tune in a day or two afterward and listen to Jake (or a guest pastor) delivering the sermon.  Right now, there are audio files, but the Technology Team is working on video files as well and we should have them shortly, so you’ll be able to HEAR AND SEE the sermons.  (Future plans even include live streaming so you can watch live as our pastor is actually delivering the sermon!) Additionally, there is an archive of the sermons, so you can go back and listen to any of the sermons if you’d like.  You’ll see the most recent sermons also listed on the home page as well, and once you click on the Sermons page, you’ll find a sidebar that allows you to sort the sermons you want to find – by date, by speaker and in the future, by topic.

The third menu item is “Events”.  Not only did we bring our current calendar over from the old site, but we now have the ability to highlight upcoming events.  Take a look in the top right hand corner of the home page – the next two “big events” are listed there.  You can click on either of those to find more details about the event.  If you are more of a “visual” person, scroll down on the home page and you’ll find the top three events listed there.  Same deal!  You can click on each one to get more details.  Not only that, but if you are a visitor, there are directions to our event right there on the same page.  You’ll note that on many of the pages across the website, there are sidebars showing the upcoming events.

The next tab is “Galleries”…   This is where we will tell “our story” in pictures and showcase our many community events.

The fifth menu item is “News” – so everything that gets shouted out to you in an email will be found here!  Other news will be featured here as well, and possibly an occasional blog and/or note from Jake. 

The “More” Section contains miscellaneous information at this point, but will be greatly expanded to include information about our different church groups and circles.  Additionally, we have a page where we’ll be including a link to online giving in the near future as well as a contact form for visitors to send us any questions they may have.

Finally, the last two menu items are “coming soon” but we hope to include a section about our PYC Group that will be updated continuously as well as a menu item that will showcase all our Children’s Center has to offer.

Finally, Jake will be adding a Welcome Message under the first menu item in the next two weeks; and we’ll send you a shout-out as soon as that’s published.

So, enjoy the new website and visit it often!